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Church in Meade, KS serving the county and beyond.

Sundays 10:45am

510 S Fowler (Hwy 23) in Meade

Our services are
Sundays: 9:45 Sunday School (All Ages),
10:45 Worship (All Ages)
Wednesdays; 7pm Kids Programs, Youth Group, Discipleship Classes and Bible Studies
Our Worship services are streamed through our facebook page.
(You do not need a facebook account to view them)
You can also listen to services from our parking lot by tuning into 100.1 FM (Short range)
Click here to be taken to livestream & service archives!

Events at MCN!



Life is a team sport, and God created the church to be our team. We build life together through shared experiences, laughing together, and sharing each other’s burdens. For us that means Sunday morning Sunday School classes, midweek small groups, our MCN Family facebook group, and special events together. If you’re looking for a crew to do life together, let’s connect!

Kids Connecting

MCN Sparks is our ministry to nursery age kids. It’s all about learning basics and getting to know loving, caring church people.
MCN Ignite is our ministry to Pre-K through 6th Grade kids. It’s all about helping kids connect to Jesus and their church family.
Learn more about opportunities for kids to connect by clicking below.

Teens Connecting

MCN Ablaze is our ministry to teens from 7th grade through 12th grade. It’s all about fanning their faith into something that’s productive for their lives and their communities.
Classes, service events, special trips and more help our teens grow.
Learn more about helping your teens connect by clicking below.

Adults Connecting

Worship services, small groups, and service events all help our adults build a community that strengthens faith and blesses one another.
Men’s & Ladies groups, Grief Share, Missions council, and other service teams are just the tip of the iceberg.
Learn more about adult connections by clicking below.



 We Believe

  • In one God expressed in three persons, The Father, The Son (Jesus Christ), and The Spirit
  • That Jesus Christ is God incarnate, born of a virgin, crucified dead, buried, and raised to life again.
  • That all human beings reject God in their own way and are in need of the forgiveness Christ has offered through the cross.
  • That following Christ is a call to holy living, and is attainable through the Spirit’s work in the heart and mind of the faithful disciple.



God loves to give, and so do we! We give time and energy through helping hands and actively investing in our community. But we also build our faith by giving faithfully to support disaster relief efforts, combat human trafficking, build hospitals and schools, and more.

Missions Giving

Give directly to…
  • Faith Promise
  • Alabaster 
  • Disaster Relief
  • etc.

Local Giving


Use MCN to give directly to local charities; providing financial assistance, food, counseling, etc.
After transaction fees 100% of funds pass out of MCN hands.



Build your faith and support the ministries of MCN at the same time by the giving of your tithe

Contact Us

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       510 S Fowler St
       Meade, KS
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Sundays; 9:45 Sunday School (All ages), 10:45 Worship
Wednesdays; 7pm Discipleship Classes and Bible Studies
Meade Church of the Nazarene is a 501c3 Nonprofit operating in the United States registration number 48-6189524
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