Let’s Connect!

Don’t miss out on what God wants to do in your life!
Sundays 10:45am
510 S Fowler
Meade, KS
Pastor James and wife Tiffany smiling in welcome.Pastor James and Tiffany
We get it! Meeting new people can be intimidating. Faith is personal, and talking about it can be tough. Join us at church this Sunday and help us make a change.
Plan your visit and we will:
Meet you at the front door
Introduce you to some great people
Help you get your kids settled
Give you a tour of the church
Save you a seat in service
Make sure you meet Pastor James & Tiffany
Will you come to church with us this Sunday?
But what if…?
We’re not here to judge.
Tattoos? We got ’em.
Drug addicts? Yep.
Alcoholics? Yes.
Dress clothes? A few.
Jeans and a shirt that looks “okay”? Our bread and butter!
We all have pasts. We are more concerned with futures!
Will you come to church with us this Sunday?
What to Expect
Expect a call/text/email (your preference) from Pastor James or ministry staff.
Your information will go no further. We won’t spam your inbox or your mailbox, and your information won’t be used outside of ministry functions.

Our services are
Sundays: 9:45 Sunday School (All Ages),
10:45 Worship (All Ages)
Wednesdays; 7pm Kids Programs, Discipleship Classes and Bible Studies
Our Worship services are streamed through our facebook page.
(You do not need a facebook account to view them)
You can also listen to services from our parking lot by tuning into 100.1 FM (Short range)
Click here to be taken to livestream & service archives!
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