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Every Sunday is somebody’s first Sunday.
Even in rural Southwest Kansas we have new people coming through our doors every week. You won’t be the only one, and you won’t be coming into a place where everybody  knows everybody. We make a point to be warm and welcoming, but to help overcome the anxiety that’s natural when you’re doing something new, here’s a little info.
What to Expect
What to be Ready For
Expect a warm smile and a greeting as you come to the door.
Expect Sunday worship services to last about 70 min. (That’s less than a kid’s movie.)
There will be times where you’re invited to stand, sit, or kneel. We will voice these invitations so you aren’t caught off guard. Please don’t feel like you need to follow the crowd. Lots of moms with little ones don’t stand for worship. Some of our elderly can’t stand as long as others, so they sit. We want you to feel welcome to participate as you are able and as you are comfortable.
Expect a wide range of music, from songs heard on the radio today, to ancient hymns of centuries past.
Expect prayer led by our pastor and/or staff.
Expect to hear Scripture read from the Bible in a modern English translation. (ESV, NIV, NKJV)
Expect to hear a sermon that applies biblical truth to everyday life.
Be ready to laugh.
Be ready to run into old friends.
Be ready to hear something that changes the way you see yourself, the world, and Jesus Christ.
Be ready to be comfortable. Dress comfortably. We have mommas in yoga pants and men in suits. We have EMS workers on-duty and geared up. We have business women and farmers. Come as you feel comfortable.
Be ready to breathe easy. We are a diverse crew of former addicts and past train wrecks, ex-cons, and law enforcement, the tattooed and the not.
Be ready to check in your kids with our Children’s ministry; sharing any needs, allergies, or accommodations they require.
Our children’s staff are trained and undergo background checks. And we also have staff that are equipped to meet the needs of children with developmental and learning disabilities.
Help us to be ready for you, by filling out the form below!
Sundays; 9:45 Sunday School (All ages), 10:45 Worship, 6pm Talk Back Service
Wednesdays; 7pm Discipleship Classes and Bible Studies

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